Friday, January 15, 2010

Kissed Awake

I've been reading Your Captivating Heart by Staci Eldredge. She writes, "Fairy tales are true. The reason we loved them as little girls is that they speak to the secret written on our hearts; they reveal the true story we were created for. But in order to find that life we once dreamed of, we need to be kissed awake again. We need to see." Years ago, I wrote:

Sleeping Beauty

The image is not lost, only sleeping,
in a dark prison we cannot see, where silence
deafens and loneliness engulfs.
Numbness embalms.

Behold! A Star in the east sends an arrow to pierce our night,
for we have been dust covered far too long.
Just enough to lean our shrouded heart toward the light, then . . .

GASP for air!

As it streams into our smoky soul,
Light breathes once more over the face of the deep,
over the dust of the ground.

Beauty awakes.

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