Friday, January 1, 2010

The King is Enthralled with your beauty-Ps 45:11

I went with my daughters to our favorite flower park in Dallas, and surprise, they had the best face painter we had ever seen. She transformed my beauties into fairy princesses! Truly the desire of every girls heart-to be adored and delighted in.

My best hummingbird photo yet! Capturing these flying jewels is alot harder than I thought. This one was at the feeder on my back porch. I love it when they actually sit down and rest. Rare for them and rare for me!

I often try to imagine what my tear bottle in heaven looks like. It's hard to fathom that my tears matter that much to God. This verse reminds me that yes, my heart matters. It matters alot. Years ago when I was in therapy, I liked lying down on a couch (yes, we actually did it that way back then) because my tears could flow freely off my face and they wouldn't mess up my makeup! With each tear that I didn't wipe quickly away, I silently claimed that I mattered.

Can you guess that it's 45 degrees?! My mom couldn't believe it when she saw kids screaming in the fountain. Then she looked again and realized they were mine. "That I can believe," she laughed. We had gone to the Nutcracker and so the kids wanted to dance all their own in the water. And I loved the way the sun lit up the water. So this gem made it onto our Christmas card.

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