Friday, January 8, 2010

Dream Big

I often struggle with the idea of "dying" to my dreams and goals in order to please God. Maybe I'm too narcissistic, but that concept sounds very harsh. Fortunately, God knows just how I'm wired. As I listened to Ann Graham Lotz preach on this, I wrote:
i came to live out loud.
i surrender . . .
my dreams because they're much too small
my future because it's much too fearful
my past since it's way too hopeless
my goals because they're too complacent
my vision since it's much too weak
my bubble because it's very fragile.

I surrender to Your greatness in me! Your love that pushes the boundaries
Your dreams that cause me to fly, to soar,
to melt in to the Sun--
to run with the horses.
To shout, to sing, to dance
like no one's watching.
To sing with the angels, to soar on the wings of the wind.
To turn my plastic pearls in for the real thing.
To embrace all the diamonds you have for me.

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