Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Who are You?

I thought I'd share the comment of the woman on Lysa Terkuerst's blog-

"I am a daughter of the Most High God, an atmosphere changer, sent to dance upon injustice, release from captivity those who are bound, and bring reconciliation to the broken. I am anointed to declare the Word of the Lord through word and music. I am highly favored, a wellspring of joy, and I walk in righteousness, honor and purity. I am the beloved friend of Jesus."
If you don't have the words, simply "open your mouth wide and He will fill it" Ps. 81:10
Remember, God's intentions towards you are magnificent. He wants you to know who you are in Him. He is more personal and intimate than we can even think or imagine. Step outside the box into the glory you had with Him before the world was born!

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Tammy Harms said...

So. I always read your beautiful posts and descriptions of what God says of you (or others) and think, *enter exasperated sigh*, good grief. I don't know. *another sigh*

Well. I've been thinking about it this week. And something pretty funny happened this week. God does have a sense of humor. I will have to tell you about it next time we chat. I'm still working on it, but what I heard was moderate.

So here is part of a note I sent to a friend in response to her request that I lead her Attachment Parenting/La Leche League/Natural minded Christian moms bible study (yes. I hear you laughing. me too).

I was put on earth for a purpose. And although I am still figuring that purpose out, I know I have one. And when I look back on the past, I see it. Purpose in everything that has happened. I struggle to see it in the day to day... the messes, tantrums, fights, sadness, despair... but I know that soon I will see it. Because it will be in the past. But that scares me. Because I want desperately to learn to live in the present.

God says that He is enough for me. He whispered, and then yelled it with a mighty boom in the midst of the lowest time of my life. I hear it over and over as He shows His grace and favor to me every day. I am learning to let go, but the control freak in me still yields its' ugly head from time to time. I know that His plans for me are so much better than my own. I long for complete surrender.

I am prone to doubt and serve a God that chases me and brings me back. Every time. He loves me like a hurricane.

I struggle with self control. I will eat an entire bag of Kettle salt and vinegar chips if they are in my house. I don't buy them because of this, but sometimes I forget or think that I do in fact have self control, and buy them, and eat them all. It's a cycle. I lose my patience when my kids struggle with self control. So I guess I am officially a hypocrite.

I am madly in love with my family. I am fiercely protective of them and my close friends. So much so that I have been known to make a scene.

I am passionate about children and God's creation. I like to talk about politics and religion- no matter what the stance is. It is hard for me to be around people who don't.

I had 2 c-sections and didn't breastfeed my children. Although this was not my desire, God has used it to shower His grace on me.

I use bleach. And eat microwave popcorn. And I really enjoy going on a date with just my husband. And going out with my friends and drinking wine.