Sunday, August 22, 2010

Do you know where you're going to? Part II

What's your destiny? For years I never knew to ask. I guess I didn't know I was allowed to have one, other than heaven, I mean. And some days, destiny looked like collapsing in bed. I couldn't see past the laundry heaps to even focus on my spiritual horizon.
But after this encounter with my heavenly Father, I began to ask. and listen. And I realized how important it was to know my identity and purpose in Him. Funny how last week, I read Lysa Terkuerst's blog on pursuing our dreams, and she wrote of how important identifying these two areas are before you ever start "becoming famous." Because recognition starts with lots and lots of rejection. And if you don't know where you've come from and where you're going, you will be caught in a tailspin of existential proportions.
I kept reading and got to the comment section. One woman's response blew my mind. She actually wrote out her personal identity and purpose statement! Imagine that. Well, she inspired me. I made two lists: everything God has revealed about who I am to Him and then another about what He has called me to do for Him. I then married the two lists:
I am a precious crown jewel, a glorious daughter of the King, a fireflower lifting up a sweet aroma of adoration to our God. I breathe His fresh fragrance onto the ashes of others' lives, igniting Abba's beauty and destiny within them. He has called me to dance wildly as a firefly before His throne to bring about healing and freedom to the daughters of Zion. Joy and laughter will spill out like a fountain gushing forth, as I overflow His tenderness and strength.
I share this with you delicately. I hope, like me, you will be encouraged to seek God for your own encounter. He has no favorites. But oh, that you would know His favor. And where you are going! I would be thrilled if you would write me your identity and destinies-you are so worth it!

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