Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate the abundance in your life

Yes, it's been absolutely forever. Maybe I was waiting to have spectacular pictures-well I have them. God's glory shone at my favorite place in the world, the Dallas Arboretum this spring. Have you ever smelled thousands of tulips? "And the fragrance of her perfume filled the room!" I have also been on the best adventure of my life. Something called -I am not the same. Job says it best: "my ears had heard of God but now my eyes have seen Him." I have never grieved, grew, loved, played more in my life. And I can't imagine living without having this experience. It is truly like the extreme makeover show for your heart. I now believe to my core that God is safe and good and that I am precious, tender, beautiful and glorious!

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Beth said...

Beautiful! The photos and the words!