Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drawn Away

Just as a prism of glass miters light and casts a colored braid, a garden sings sweet incantations the human heart strains to hear.  Hiding in every flower, in every leaf, in every twig and bough, are reflections of the God who once walked with us in Eden.  --L.B. Cowman
"I will come again and again for you.  Bounding over the hills like the great Shepherd from Hinds' Feet.  I call you hungering with fire!  I will set you ablaze my diamond fire.  You are that prism!  catching My light, casting a colored braid that twists and surrounds those I love.

Yes, I see you.  I receive you.  You touch Me.  You always have.  Come away with Me.  Stop wrestling with My creation (people).  That is time wasted.  Waste time with Me, the lover of your soul.  Time with Me is never wasted.  It's glorious--and so are you, My little one.  My dew drop.  Sparkle, child.  Reflect Me.  Worship Me--for only I am worthy of worship.  No one else--when you wrestle with them, you're worshiping your own experience and judgments.

So why don't they get it?  get me?  "It's not your story.  Pray for them."

God's holy beauty comes near you, like a spiritual scent, and it stirs your drowsing soul . . . He creates in you the desire to find Him and run after Him--to follow wherever He leads you, and to press peacefully against His heart wherever He is.  --St. John of the Cross

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