Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Still" Abandoned? Discouraged?

In my last post I wrote about taking a long, loving look at God in the midst of horns blaring and tires screeching. What's blaring in your life? God hears. And wants to be right in the middle of it. I'm so glad He understands what the end of my rope feels like. I heard someone say about a friend, "she's the knot at the end of my rope." That's what He is for us! Sometimes climbing up out of a pit begins with realizing Jesus is right there with you.

If any of you are interested in studying this word "still" further, I'm writing the definitions and the references. I'd encourage you to do some of your own study and ask Abba to turn His "logos" word into a "rhema" encounter (that's Greek for when the words jump off the page into your mouth and you feel kissed by God!).

"Rapah"-(#8332 Goodrick-Kohlenberger numbering system, #7503 Strong's)

1. to be slack, be remiss, be idle- Exodus 5:8,17

2. to be weak, be feeble- Jeremiah 49:24

3. to desist- Deut. 9:14; Jdg 11:37

4. to sink down, to be despondent,

be disheartened

5. to be lazy- 2 Chron. 15:7

6. to disarm- Job 12:21

7. to let alone, abandon, desert- Deut. 4: 31, 31: 6,8; Joshua 1:5

8. to leave off, quit- Nehemiah 6:3

9. to relax- Exodus 4:26; Ne. 6:9 abate- Judges 8:3 stop (i.e. to let down the hand)- 2Sam. 24:16 let someone go- Job 7:19; 27:6; Songs 3:4 remain- 1 Sam. 15:10 discourage- Ezra 4:4; Jer. 38:4 still - Psalm 46:10

16.The basic idea of relaxing the hands or letting down can connote the loss of courage-

2Samuel 4:1, Isaiah 13:7, Jer.6:24, 50:43; Ezekial 7:17, 21;7; Zephaniah 3:16

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